August 2013

** NEW ** A New Workshop for Your Next Retreat – The Magic Pill Workshop

By Greg Niemi . August 29, 2013

Do you have mastery of the fundamentals for a successful business?  Do all of your people?  Would you like to have a healthy dialogue within your company on improvements that need to be made to your business to reach your

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How To Order: The Magic Pill ©

By Greg Niemi . August 20, 2013

  Many have asked how to obtain your very own copy of The Magic Pill ©.  It’s easy; you order direct from me, we arrange payment and I will ship it to you. The Magic Pill:  13 Lessons for Business

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Accountability & Culture – The Magic Pill

By Greg Niemi . August 13, 2013

Have you ever met someone who always blames their problems on someone, or something else?  Meet Jack.  In chapter 10 of The Magic Pill © Jack is up to his usual antics.  This time he is raising a ruckus because

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Pricing & Profitability – The Magic Pill ©

By Greg Niemi . August 6, 2013

We now pick up in chapter 5 where Bill is about to learn some valuable lessons about pricing and profitability from his brother Bob.  Bill has the big education and the big job in the big city.  Whereas, brother Bob

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