November 2012


By Greg Niemi . November 16, 2012

My plan is to share with you all that has led to my success.  I have experienced great success as a business leader, and as a student of business, over my past 30+ years.  I have a knack for leading

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Dream & Believe

By Greg Niemi . November 15, 2012

I always knew what I would do when I retired.  I told just about everyone my plan was not to have a plan (which is unlike me).  But instead my plan was to take the time to develop a plan

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The Man Behind My Mission

By Greg Niemi .

My dad, and my mom, were both business owners of their own independent businesses. I learned more from them than I even know.  Thus I feel it appropriate to share a few things. My parents each owned, and operated, their

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What Has Greg Niemi Been Doing?

By Greg Niemi . November 14, 2012

By far the most common question I get is “what have you been doing and what do you plan to do next?” First allow me to say all has been extremely good.  All has been very healthy for my mind, body

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