BEST PRACTICES IN LEADERSHIP (For Every Business Owner & Entrepreneur)

By Greg Niemi . June 17, 2015


Following are highlights of the Best Practices in Leadership I shared in the webinar earlier today.Leadership Best Practices

  • Show gratitude: “Everything begins and ends with THANK YOU – Jim Shultz”.  Everyone likes to be appreciated – customers, employees, shareholders and even ourselves.
  • We have a choice to make each day: “Choose to have a terrific day – Ed Foreman”.  If we choose to have a terrific day, it is more likely we will.  Our thoughts control our being.
  • I am the decisive element: “It is my personal approach that creates the climate … I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration – Johann Goethe”.  We stir the winds and create the environment around us.
  • The role of leadership: “A leader sees the vision for the business.  Leadership requires a delicate balance between caring for the people while taking care of business.  ….  Leaders attract followers … – Amy Vonachen”.

What follows are the links to the various best practices I shared with participants:

Leadership Transformation Workshop Series.  Get answers to the most burning questions leaders and managers have today regarding leadership best practices:  Leadership Transformation Workshop Information

Revealed:  Top 7 Ways to Get Leadership Guidance including the pros and cons of each:  Leadership Guidance

Three Things Every Investor Wants to Know before they will lend you any money:  Three Things Investors Want To Know

Six Steps to a Highly Accountable EnvironmentSix Steps To Accountability

13 Lessons for Business Success:  The Magic Pill.  13 fundamental lessons applicable to any business regardless of your profession or size:

I am so grateful for all who chose to join me for this webinar.  I am humbled by the huge turnout.

I look forward to continuing our journey together to further share tried and true best practices in the Leadership Transformation workshop series which launches next week.

Thank you,


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4 Responses to BEST PRACTICES IN LEADERSHIP (For Every Business Owner & Entrepreneur)

  1. Amy Vonachen says:

    Greg, a wonderful seminar. I am adopting the daily adjectives of Marvelous Monday and Terrific Tuesday.”

  2. Brian Dooley says:

    Wonderful reading! I will agree that it all starts with appreciation. This is so important to recognize those that support us the most!! :)

  3. Patricia Disch says:

    This was time extremely well spent! Even though I’m a very small business, I can use these principles and practices every day, starting with appreciation. Thank you, Greg!

  4. Ann Miller says:

    Fabulous job today!! Extremely organized and professional. I really enjoyed it!

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